Webinar Ignites Enthusiasm for Upcoming CCC International Contest in Logroño

The CCC team is delighted to share the success of our recent webinar, which united the dedicated educators, students, and schools of Logroño in preparation for the upcoming CCC international contest. As a valued CCC project partner, the municipality of Logroño showcased its commitment to educational excellence and innovation.

The webinar provided a comprehensive overview of the contest rules, submission guidelines, and the exciting opportunities awaiting participants. It was an interactive session filled with insightful queries and spirited discussions, reflecting the vibrant academic community of Logroño.

With the groundwork laid and spirits high, the students of Logorno are now fully equipped to take on the challenge of the CCC international contest. We eagerly anticipate the creativity and ingenuity their submissions will bring.

Stay tuned to the CCC webpage for updates and highlights from this international celebration of talent and collaboration.

You can download the full presentation here (Spanish only)