CircularCityChallenge Partners with Austrian Climate Fund

In a new collaboration, CircularCityChallenge has joined forces with the Austrian climate fund (Energie- und Klimafonds) to spearhead sustainability education in schools. This partnership aims to enrich the curriculum with high-quality materials focused on sustainability, offering students insights into career opportunities within the green industry.

Energie- und Klimafonds, acclaimed for its dedication to environmental education, is not only generously sponsoring the cash prizes for the participants of the international CCC idea competition, but will furthermore supply resources that underscore the significance and application of sustainable practices, paving the way for a prosperous future in the green economy. Concurrently, Klimaschulen, recognized for its specialized programs, is poised to ready students for the ecological transition, imparting essential knowledge and skills for a sustainable tomorrow.

CircularCityChallenge has opened the Call for schools to conduct workshops in the fall of 2024 at various locations across Austria. These workshops are designed to showcase the CCC’s unique sustainability education methods, demonstrating practical approaches to environmental and social stewardship. This initiative marks a significant step towards integrating sustainability into the educational journey, ensuring that the leaders of tomorrow are well-versed in the challenges and solutions related to climate change.

For more information on the workshops and how to participate, interested schools and educators are encouraged to reach out to the CCC’s educational outreach program via