Webinar For Educators – See records here

An introductory webinar was held on 27 November 2023 to familiarise interested facilitators with the project. Here you can find the different recordings:


How to Transform Your Teaching Practice with the CircularCityChallenge Method

Teaching Sustainability and Circular Economy with the CircularCitychallenge Method

The CircularCityChallenge Platform: An Innovative Teaching Tool for Sustainability and Circular Economy Education

Q & A for the Session

How will the continuation of the project happen? How to move forward after the end of the competition?

This is pilot, so there is more potential; the project has the goal to develop materials and guidelines for facilitators etc., e.g. with the help of more talks and meetings


Are there limits in terms of country? Is every country eligible to participate ?

Yes! Absolutely. Participation beyond partner countries is very much encouraged.


Is there an incentive for facilitators? What do they get if they strive so hard to participate?

Facilitators will attend during the award ceremony, and are covered for. Also content-related benefits: regular meetings, forming a network


Can there be also certificates for facilitators?

Yes, there will be certificates for participating and winning each.