Successfull Consolidation Meeting in Sibiu to Jumpstart the Next Phase

Date: 15.10.2023

The Consortium met from the 15th to the 18th of October in Sibiu, Romania, to discuss the transition to the next phase of the project. The magnificent members brought together the collected research insights to foster deeper knowledge about circular thinking in education.

In summary the meeting addressed the following points:

•  The CircularCityChallenge workshop at ECSITE, the European network of science centres and museums, and how to attract and engage the participants.

•  Contest consolidation: Awards for students and teachers – final conclusions on the criteria, categories, prizes, and timeline of the contest.

•  Sponsors – their requirements and promotion plan, and how to establish and maintain good
relationships with them.

•  Jury members – their requirements and invitation plan, and how to select and recruit qualified
and diverse experts for the contest evaluation.

•  Introduction of the new dissemination and communication materials, such as flyers, posters, videos,
and social media posts, and how to use them effectively.

•  The promo workshop method and how the consortium created the “CCC method” on how to
teach circularity.

•  Possibilities for impacts measurements in relation to curricula for sustainable development,
impact measurement plan and methods, and how to collect and analyse data from
the workshops and contest.


The meeting marked the transition from the first part of the project regarding research to the second part, where the consortium is creating the formats on how to disseminate the knowledge to the world through webinars and promo workshops and contest itself. The workshops are already in the making – stay tuned for updates!