Second CircularCityChallenge workshop at UAUIM

The second workshop dedicated to students and organized on UAUIM premises was held on February 3, 2023. A total number of 27 students attended the workshop. Most of the attendees were also present at the first workshops, but at least one-third of them were newcomers. The aim of the meeting was to introduce the students to the desk research theme concerning the collection and analysis of educational materials for the CCC platform. Therefore, students under CCC team supervision have identified and analyzed together examples of projects and explanatory materials that reflect the idea of ​​circularity in the urban environment.

The analysis was done based on the framework proposed by the ‘theory of change’, which helped them discover the motivation that led to the materialization of an idea, but also how they thought of the most suitable methods. The materials chosen by students were in various formats, from written texts to videos, TED Talks, comics etc. A feedback session for assessing students’ results will be organized on the 9th of February.