Education For Climate Day 2023

Date: 15 November 2023

Learn about initiatives in lifelong learning, social economy and digital innovation & exchange with the education practitioners implementing them.

Moderator: David Mair

Panelists: The 2023 Awardees in lifelong learning, social economy, digital innovation on “How to boost Green Competences?”

Lifelong Learning

Schools Count! project – Glenn Godin & Elke Franchois

The Greencoin project – Ewa Duda

Sustainability Skills programme – Eva Mientjes

Social Economy

Transforming Fashion Education: Creating Changemakers for a Greener Future – Mascha van Zijverden

CircularCityChallenge: Teaching students stakeholder analysis for sustainability and circularity – Antonija Bogadi

Active Collaborative Transitions – Biljana Pesalj

Digital Innovation

CZarco – Behaviour change towards sustainable mobility – Catarina Selada

Girls Go Circular – Solene Moutier

Global Warning: Teaching kids about climate change to urge action, not fear – Nora Strommer