Consortium meeting Vienna & Stakeholders Workshop

Understanding the real interests of the next generation is the first step to identifying feasible and useful approaches to the contest that is currently developed by the consortium. It is vital to understand young people’s wishes, concerns and barriers, but also how to connect them with valuable partners from industry, education and administration to respond to their most relevant demands in the local context. In this regard, on September 22nd, SYNYO organised a workshop to elaborate on the first steps, introduce the concept of co-creation workshops and how to implement them successfully.

In this regard, the industry stakeholders were explained as a target group and how to approach them in the upcoming workshops. Dr. Antonija Bogadi showed clear and practical examples of how to capture people’s current concerns about urban development in a playful way. This will also play an important role in the further development of the competition. In addition, different “personas” were created to demonstrate the possible backgrounds of the target group. Additionally, the consortium laid out further steps and held “meet the team” interviews – you can read about them here!

The consortium partners agreed that the workshops had provided important insights into the further design of the project and that the results could be usefully applied to the forthcoming co-creation workshops in the coming months.