CircularCityChallenge workshop at UAUIM

UAUIM has organized the first workshop dedicated to students in Bucharest, on November 11, 2022. As university students represent an intermediate category between high-school teens and professionals, the CCC team considered this workshop as a good opportunity for better understanding the right approach and language to be used when working with youth. Furthermore, they plan to further engage the students in the desk research activities of the project.

The aim of the workshop was to introduce to students the topic of circularity in relation to architecture and urbanism, to gather their views on the topic of circularity and on CCC contest and to present them the opportunities for involvement in the future desk research activities envisioned by the CCC team. The students’ views were collected in the format of an interactive survey conducted during the workshop. In a nutshell, the conclusions of the workshop are the following:

  • The topic of circularity was considered the best motivation for taking part in the CCC, followed by awards and the competitive environment. Students were very interested in how this topic can be related to cities, their daily lives and school curricula;
  • Dynamic, unconventional and creative resources such as videos, art, comics and ted talks were considered the most interesting learning materials for youth;
  • The most popular prizes and incentives among the UAUIM students were setting connections to local businesses and trips to interesting cities, followed closely by access to cool events, internship opportunities and money;
  • Not surprising at all, the most popular social media channels among youth are TikTok and Instagram – relevant images and videos and short messages are key for engaging with teenagers;

The main key words for raising interest for the CCC contest were somehow interrelated – they are attracted of something only if it brings fresh ideas and approaches on the table – while innovation was in the spotlight, words such as future, change and originality were also quite popular among the youth. Money was also mentioned to a relevant extent 🙂